Alison Hammond red-faced as she mistakenly thought she'd won an NTA 'So embarrassing!'


Alison told Dermot, “I’ll be honest with you, you were the funniest partner, you sat next to me all yesterday and you just made me laugh throughout the whole show.

She continued: "But the funniest moment was - obviously I was up for an award - and I heard ‘Ant and Dec’ being called but I heard ‘Alison’. In my head, I heard ‘Alison’."

Dermot interjected: "No, don't. This is so embarrassing."

She continued: "So then I reached across to Dermot and said, ‘Did they say Alison?’ and Dermot went, ‘No. They didn’t say Alison.’ I was so shameful. It’s so embarrassing!

“I wasn’t joking. I said, ‘Did they say Alison babes? And you went, ‘No’. But what a great night!"

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