Antiques Roadshow guest thrilled with valuation of ‘saucy’ Helen Mirren drawing


Antiques Roadshow expert Lisa Lloyd was presented with a "semi-erotic" drawing of award-winning actress Helen Mirren on a recent instalment of the BBC show filmed in Hackney. The guest was keen to know how much the portrait was worth and was blown away when Lisa revealed it was worth four times the value she paid for it. 

The drawing was of Helen tilting her head back with her blonde locks flowing as she appeared to be holding a sheet over her chest. 

Lisa explained: "Now, it may not be immediately obvious but this is Helen Mirren aged 19 or 20. 

"Of course, she went on to become one of our most prominent actors."

The guest explained she acquired the sketch in Portobello Road, London, which was near her house. 

"I go there every Friday morning and look through the boxes and this was down there," she added. 

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She said it was interesting to see the "saucier side" of the actress, to which Lisa replied: "She is a little bit saucy, she's got a bit of spark to her." 

"It's only semi-erotic, you can't quite [see anything]," Lisa added which the guest felt made the picture "sexier". 

The guest revealed she paid £100 for the artwork but told her husband it cost £50 to keep the peace at home. 

Lisa told the guest the artist's portraits typically achieve somewhere between £150 to £200 at auction for an unknown sitter. 

"I think the fact that it's Helen Mirren, we could probably double that to £300 or £400," Lisa added as her guest smiled.

The guest gushed following the valuation: "Oh that's great, well I love it." 

"It's a great story and it's a glimpse into her very earlier career, and a competent artist who perhaps had not had the recognition that he deserved," Lisa noted. 

Antiques Roadshow episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

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