Dick Strawbridge details Escape to the Chateau disappointment: 'It hurt me'


Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree were back on Sunday night with their final series of Escape to the Chateau. The husband and wife duo, who have spent years transforming their Chateau in France, had more work on their hands as they prepared to get ready for wedding season. The designer and engineer had a tight deadline to meet before their first wedding event after two years.

However, it's safe to say, the pair were faced with a few hurdles along the way when renovating their Atelier de Mariage [wedding workshop].

As he tried to render the outside of the Chateau, Dick was faced with a challenge when a storm hit.

The engineer also had to meet the demands of his ambitious wife, who explained she had lots of new plans for their Atelier de Mariage.

The designer even suggested the pair have a "date night" by sleeping in their four new guest rooms.

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"You can hear that pump upstairs," he explained as he discussed the booster pump in the attic which kept the water in the Chateau pressurised.

"That is not kicking in," Dick said as he aired his concerns. "I can see straight away, this isn't isolated from the floor at all.

"That means when the pumps turn around it's vibrating straight into that piece of plywood, straight into the board.

"There's a joist which has been vibrating the ceiling below, and I'm going to fix that by isolating this."

Angel was also left gobsmacked when Dick showed her the work that needed doing to the outside of the Chateau.

As they stood outside their beloved home, Angel asked: "Has it always been this bad?"

"We have a month to go and it feels a bit tight for me," Angel added expressing her concerns to Dick.

Trying to reassure his wife, Dick replied: "Theoretically there is enough time."

Escape to the Chateau returns on Sunday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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