Gabby Logan opens up on moment of 'self-destruct' at height of TV career success


Gabby Logan is one of the most recognisable faces on TV after her successful sports journalism, presenter and former international rhythmic gymnast career. Her bubbly and confident persona has drawn in many fans over the years, ever since she first evolved on TV in 1996 when she was headhunted by Sky Sports. However, Gabby has opened up about the detrimental effect her party lifestyle could have had on her career.

Gabby spent two years at Sky when she first joined in 1996 and had a successful career that kickstarted her future.

However, the TV star has opened up about her move to London, which she claimed was the start of a detrimental party lifestyle.

She explained: "There was a bit of self-destruct. I wasn’t abusing drugs [and] I wasn’t worried about becoming an alcoholic, but I didn’t treat myself very well.

"I wasn’t in positive relationships," she told Radio Times.

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She added that she connected the lack of positive self-worth to the death of her father and the impact that it had on her family, using alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Despite the rocky period in her life, Gabby used the help of therapy to rebuild her life and expressed that she didn't think she would be married without it.

Gabby married her husband Kenny Logan in 2001 and is the mother to twins, son Reuben McKerrow Logan and daughter Lois Maya Logan.

She explained that the impact her dad's death had on her meant she didn't allow herself to be in a "nourishing relationship".

Despite the success, Gabby has recently had some devastating news in the family as Kenny was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in February.

At the time, he told BBC Breakfast hosts Sally Nugent and Dan Walker: "I was actually listening to one of the episodes about menopause about women and their hormones falling off a cliff.

"As I was going through this in my head, I thought 'What about me, what is happening to me?', and Gabby said that I should go and get checked."

Gabby added: "I think that was the shocking thing for both of us that the day before he went in for his operation, I'm jumping forwards a bit, he'd done a bike session.

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