Gangs of London star believes season 2 will be 'the most dangerous show on television'


The first episode picks up a year after the death of Sean Wallace (Joe Cole) and viewers see Elliot fighting for his life, now under the control of the investors.

Eliot battles through a laundrette, with Corin remarking how he shot the scenes by "bringing the camera through almost like this alley of death".

On his overall approach to the second season, he added: "I wanted a way of introducing our lead character, kind of on the job.

"A little bit like you'd get in a James Bond movie where you catch up with him at the end of a mission and treat it as a way to sort of meet the character but also show his character.

"He isn't just some sort of slick assassin and he's obviously very capable. We know that, but I wanted to make sure it reflected that he's kind of operating pretty messily."

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