'Has he got no brains!' Gary Lineker blasted by GB News host over 'tone deaf' remark


The 61-year-old's comments were debated on Saturday's instalment of GB News, with Stephen asking: "Has he got no brains?"

His guest Nichi Hodgson said: "Gary believes he is in the position to encourage any gay players who will be playing in the World Cup who have not come out, to come out in Qatar which has the death penalty for homosexuality."

She continued: "There has been so much controversy about having the World Cup there anyway because of gay rights issues, now he thinks as a straight man it is okay to encourage other people who might feel very worried about their careers and their livelihoods to come out."

"It's so tone-deaf," the 39-year-old broadcaster fumed as she reflected on the former striker's comments. 

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