How many episodes are in The Larkins season 2?


Based on HE Bates' The Darling Buds of May, The Larkins had an instant fanbase when it first landed on ITV last year. The wait is now almost over for the heartwarming drama to return with a few changes on the horizon. has everything there is to know about The Larkins season two.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Larkins.

How many episodes are in The Larkins season 2?

The Larkins first premiered in October 2021 and was renewed for another outing in May this year.

Season two of the classic story is going to make its debut on Sunday, October 16, at 8pm on ITV.

Much like series one, season two of The Larkins is going to be made up of six episodes.

A new instalment will be released every Sunday in the same time slot with the grand finale scheduled to come out on Sunday, November 20. 

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Mariette was originally played by actress Sabrina Bartlett but she won't be returning for the new series.

Instead, relative newcomer actress Joelle Rae is taking over the role, having previously appeared in Emmerdale and Netflix's Get Even.

When asked about changing actresses, Scanlan commented: "It's all gone very well.

"I think it'll be pretty seamless actually," she added, giving little away regarding what Rae is going to bring to the table.

Mariette and Charley (Tok Stephen) got married at the end of season one after their ongoing will-they, won't-they storyline.

They left the village to go travelling around Europe for their honeymoon and are arriving back home when series two begins.

But how have things in the village changed since they've been away and how are they going to take life as a married couple?

The Larkins season 2 premieres on Sunday, October 16, at 8pm on ITV.

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