'I'm in tears!' Channel 4 has Twitter in stitches with Taylor Swift tribute to Liz Truss


Liz Truss announced her departure after days of speculation over her chances of remaining in power despite angering MPs and economists with her financial flip-flopping.  Channel 4 News dedicated a portion of its programming to analysing the timeline of her path to resignation, with presenter Matt Frei concluding his review with a cheeky nod to Ms Truss's music taste. Channel 4 viewers were treated to a montage of the most prominent moments of her time as Prime Minister to the tune of Taylor Swift's Blank Space, resulting in an outpour of hilarity on social media.

User @moththing97 wrote: "I'm in tears. There's no way Channel 4 did this hahahahahahaahab #LizTruss"

She later cited the main refrain of the song: "So it’s gonna be forever… or it’s gonna go down in flamesssss."

@wiccanstardis commented: "Not the Channel 4 Liz fancam??"

@Bjorgington added: "I think I just choked."

@OllyTomlinson7 said: "This is the same channel that replaced Boris Johnson with an ice cube when he didn't turn up to a climate change debate, good on them."

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@chase__burke brutally added: "I imagine it's like 5 clips repeated over and over again to fill out the length of the song since there's just not enough footage of her in office."

@IngeborgRakvag replied: "I am... unable to find any more words, so I'll just play that song and... go to bed."

And @RedactedDutta commented: "When they cut to Sunak after 'you look like my next mistake'..."

Ms Truss faced a rocky six weeks in power, starting off her short leadership with the death of the Queen two days into her tenure as Prime Minister.

And less than a week after Her late Majesty's funeral in September, the Conservative leader faced intense backlash over the mini-budged she concocted with former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.

The Conservative Party will elect a new leader by October 28 after 1922 Committee chair Sir Graham Brady confirmed the contest to replace Ms Truss will be much shorter compared to the selection to pick her.

That contest is likely to pit ex-finance minister Rishi Sunak against Penny Mordaunt, but could also see the return of former premier Boris Johnson, who was ousted in July when his ministers resigned en masse to force him out of power.

Mr Johnson, who had been holidaying with his family in the Caribbean, is believed to have jetted back to the UK following Ms Truss's resignation.

Over 50 MPs have signalled their intention to back the former Prime Minister should he seek to throw his hat in the ring.

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