'It's uncomfortable to watch' Prince Harry's memoir 'awkward' for Royal Family


Isabel Oakeshott and Sonia Sodha declared their wish for Prince Harry to not indulge in any stories which may cause distress for the Royal family when he pens his new tell-all book. The Talk TV contributor appeared on This Morning alongside fellow journalist Sonia to express her concerns to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about the book's upcoming release.

When reviewing the news of Prince Harry reportedly scaling back his plans to reveal all in his book, Isabel believed if he wants to scale back the book's detail he ought to pay the publishers.

"He's going to have to pony up," the Talk TV contributor claimed.

Prince Harry should "just water it down a bit maybe" she argued to which fellow panellist Sonia added: "It's uncomfortable to watch."

Sonia continued: "In my view I am glad he is rethinking it, its quite uncomfortable I think watching the Royal Family sometimes.

The Duke of Sussex signed a million pound deal with Penguin Random House to indulge in what his life is like.

Prince Harry was reportedly set to release the book in the Autumn but was delayed following the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Speculation has also grown as to how revealing the book may eventually be.

His much publicised tricky relationship with his father, King Charles III and his brother William, the Prince of Wales were key topics expected to be included.

However, according to other experts, it won't be that easy to change details when the amount of money involved in the deal is considered.

Former Royal editor Duncan Larcombe told Fox News: "It could be their best-selling book of all time. Who knows?"

"So they won't want to just turn around and say, 'Fair enough Harry. Yeah? You don't want to rock the boat anymore at this time.'

"It simply doesn't work like that. They're in a business commercial world now."

He added: "I think it's inevitable with delays that people will start to speculate as to what that means

"I really don't think there's any likelihood that Harry would even be able to stop Penguin from publishing, to be honest.

"It's all under contract and it's all signed and done, you know?"

There's currently no new release date for the much-anticipated debut from the Prince.

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