Judi Dench and Jennifer Saunders left starstruck Allelujah cast with 'nowhere to hide'


Louise Ashbourne Serkis may not be as senior a member of the medical team in Allelujah, but at 17, he is portraying a somewhat timely work experience student in the ward. 

The youngster has landed a range of film roles, and with his sensational parentage, it’s not all that much of a surprise. 

At the London Film Festival, he shared some insightful words with Express.co.uk and the rest of the press about the treatment of the elderly in modern society, seeming years older than he actually is.

He said: “I feel like people look at elderly people as lesser because they’re less appealing to look at. But they have wisdom. They are sometimes left alone and hospitals like Beth in this film does so much to bring the community together.”

Allelujah is currently set to be released in February 2023. 

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