Katy Perry breaks silence on 'eye glitch' moment that saw her looking like 'broken doll'


The star continued to her 177 million followers: "The show’s setlist is a fun ride through memory lane going all the way back to 2008, a time when we weren’t all frozen by the paranoia of our own echo chambers!

"This show is a nonstop party about finding unconditional love and strangely (for me) not political at all, heck I pour beer out of my t*ts (that’s a party trick too…I don’t actually lactate hops silly goose!)"

She added: "Hope to sing along with you in 2023! And we’ll drink, this one’s on me, cause we’re all #chainedtothealgorithm #therealproblemlolhaha."

Fans had previously been concerned that the glue from her fake eyelashes had stuck her eye together and sealed it closed.

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