Michael J Fox's heartbreak as actor says his mother Phyllis died two weeks ago aged 92


Michael J Fox, 61, told fans at the 2022 New York Comic Con his mother, Phylis Fox, died at the age of 92 on September 24. The Back to the Future star revealed the news as he recounted a heartwarming anecdote from his time filming Back to The Future.

Back in the 1980s, when Michael was in his early twenties, his mother did not agree with him shooting Family Ties in the daytime and Back to the Future at night.

However, Michael disregarded her advice and proceeded to accept both jobs, which he now admits left him feeling tired.

He told Comic Con goers: “I was 23 years old, and I called her, she was in Canada, and I said, ‘They want me to do this Steven Spielberg movie, but I have to do it at night and I have to do Family Ties in the daytime.’

“And she said, ‘You'll be too tired,’” the Canadian-American recounted.

They suggested causes including diabetes, Parkinson's, the Burnaby General Hospital, the BC Children's Hospital and Canuck Place.

During the eventful Comic Con weekend, Michael reunited with his Back to the Future co-star Christopher Lloyd, 83.

On Saturday, Michael, who spoke out on his 1991 Parkinson's disease diagnosis, shared a stage with his fellow actor.

Michael portrayed the popular Marty McFly, while Christopher played eccentric scientist Doctor Emmett Brown or “Doc” in the 1985 film.

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