NCIS LA season 14 theory: Callen and Anna to start a family after Deeks preview clue


“Evidently architecture pays,” Deeks quips when he enters the scene with Callen, who divulges: “I wanted to be an architect when I was a kid.”

A surprised Deeks replies: “Yeah? Well, seems to be a cool job minus the math and engineering part. What kind of architect?”

“I dunno. I liked hotels, train stations, airports, that sort of thing,” Callen answers, prompting a sarcastic Deeks to say: “Uh-huh. Lots to unpack with that statement… Taken from their own home.”

At this point, the duo look over a range of family portraits of the architects with their children, making it more sentimental to Deeks given his new role of foster parent to Rosa.

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