NCIS season 20: Torres 'fired' as high profile case goes wrong in major twist


CBS’ long-running procedural drama NCIS is currently on hiatus, however, the drama will eventually return with an explosive episode. The team of agents could face another huge shift in dynamics after their high-profile case backfires. 

NCIS made its highly anticipated return to screens in September with its milestone 20th season, however, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Alden Parker (played by Gary Cole). 

With the help of his team, the special agent recently cleared his name after being accused of murder. 

Although things appeared to be back on track and the colleagues resumed normal duties, the peace could be short-lived. 

The upcoming seventh episode titled Love Lost will see the team take on a high-profile case, which could very easily go wrong. 

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The log line reads: “NCIS must investigate the Secretary of the Navy when her husband claims she tried to murder him.”

As the Secretary of the Navy will be involved this case will be one of the more serious investigations the team will have to undertake. 

As someone of high status is accused of murder, it’s likely there will be widespread attention from citizens and the press. 

This means the NCIS team will have to deal with a number of challenges which include remaining tight-lipped about case details. 

As they work in the NCIS major response team, the agents will take on this case as they tackle crimes of drug trafficking, smuggling, homicide or terrorism concerning or involving members of the United States Marine Corps, United States Navy or their families.

Torres was also shot in the shoulder during a recent episode, so it’s likely the agent could be dealing with some trauma. 

As a result, Torres may become distracted and accidentally reveal sensitive information to the wrong source. 

NCIS executive producer Steven D Binder also hinted at a tough season for Torres.

Steven revealed: “He's got these internal pressures building up inside him, and at some point, you pop, and I think that's in his future.

“I think we're gonna go pretty dark with [Torres], but we try and do it in a way that doesn't destroy what we love about the character.”

Viewers will have to say tuned to see how the high-profile case will play out for the NCIS team. 

NCIS season 20 returns to CBS on Monday, November 14 in the US. A UK release date has yet to be announced.

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