Outlander explained: Does Lauren Lyle wear a wig for Marsali Fraser?


Since joining Outlander in season three, Marsali Fraser (played by Lauren Lyle) has become a firm favourite among fans. The fiery young Scottish woman and step-daughter to Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) serves as Claire Fraser’s (Caitriona Bale) apprentice and has grown as a character over the seasons. Marsali had a big role to play in season six after she had to contend with her husband Fergus’ (César Domboy) alcoholism and giving birth to her son Henri-Christian.

Does Lauren Lyle wear a wig for Marsali Fraser?

With Lyle now appearing in ITV crime drama series Karen Pirie, along with Outlander, some audience members are curious about the star’s costume on the historical fantasy drama.

Lyle appears to be wearing hair extensions rather than a wig in Outlander with the star usually sporting a chic blonde bob when she’s not in character as Marsali.

Marsali’s hair is often worn in a bun and under a bonnet, which means it’s easier for her to have an extension rather than a full wig.

However, it does appear when Marsali does have her hair out, Lyle wears a wig for her character’s long locks.

Balfe and Heughan both wear wigs for their roles, while Richard Rankin - who plays Roger MacKenzie - grew his hair during lockdown for season six.

Lyle has also spoken about the pregnant body she had to wear during the various seasons of Outlander given Marsali is often with child in the show.

“So I end up just feeling like Marsali the minute I put on a costume and that’s awesome and I love that.”

She went on to say about the prosthetic belly: “I kinda love it though. You get really attached, like I stroke the belly.

“The boobs are amazing, they’re so incredibly well made. So that was really cool.”

But following a long day of shooting, Lyle said she was pleased to be able to take off the heavy costume.

She said: “It great to take it off at the end of the day and I’m excited to not be pregnant in my next role whatever that might be and maybe on Outlander she’ll have a break.

“What a woman to have conked out that many babies and still look as hot as she looks, who would have thought it?”

Co-star Domboy joked how Lyle sounded “like a Kardashian” as she reeled off the list of fake body parts.

In her role as the titular detective in Karen Pirie, Lyle’s appearance is much closer to herself given it’s a contemporary crime drama.

Despite Outlander marking one of Lyle’s biggest roles to date, the Starz drama is one of her only period pieces.

She has also starred in Jimmy McGovern’s Broken on the BBC, submarine drama Vigil and Holby City, which have all been modern-day projects.

Lyle will next be starring in horror movie Mercy Falls, which is yet another story set in the present-day.

She will also be returning to Outlander with season seven filming at present with an extra-long season coming to 16 episodes.

Outlander season 7 is in production and seasons 1 to 6 are streaming on Lionsgate+

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