Ricky Gervais brutally shuts down plea for awards show hosting gig comeback: 'F**k that!'


In the interview, Ricky explained that decades ago if someone didn’t like what they saw on television they would likely not do anything, as the effort of writing a letter to studios was too much. 

Comparatively, he explained: “Now, you fire off a tweet and it makes the news. Twitter is like road rage.”

He also believes it’s a great contributor to global narcissism as social media users get the chance “to publish alongside scientists and politicians their deeply held opinion”. 

On his podcast with neuroscientist Sam Harris, Absolutely Mental, in 2021, Gervais said he wanted to live just long enough to see the “woke” generation be cancelled. 

He shared: “It’s going to happen. Don’t they realise that they’re next? That’s what’s funny about this weird generation. We kicked out the old guard but there’s only so woke and liberal you can get and then you start going the other way. It’s inevitable.”

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