Ruth Langsford shares Eamonn Holmes fears in candid marriage admission: 'Wasn't bothered'


"They were very flirty with me and I was having a glass of champagne and I'd had a couple of winners and I'm flirting back.

"And Eamonn said, and this is his side of the story, he was looking at this scene and he said to himself, 'All those men flirting with my wife' and as he said it he thought, 'Well she's not my wife and actually she should be my wife'.

As the pair were travelling home in the car, Eamonn set his plan in motion to propose.

As he told Ruth her phone was beeping, she picked it up only to receive a sweet love letter message.

Ruth added: "So I got my phone out because he was trying to get me to look at my phone and it was a text from him with the most beautiful message.

"It was like a love letter and at the end it said, 'Will you marry me?' and it was so lovely."

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