The Walking Dead showrunner on how finale sets up spin-offs: ‘Close the chapter’


Fans have long anticipated whether the finale will depict a similar end to its comic books, which came to an unexpected end in 2019.

Angela revealed: “Some of it correlates with the comics and some of it really diverges, it's definitely true to some of the spirit of the comics.

“We had to interpret it in a different way since the show has taken so many different turns away from what the comics are.”

The showrunner also shared the finale episodes would have “big twists and turns,” as well as “lots of emotion and there’s going to be tears, but hopefully, those things you love about the show, we’ll deliver on those things, that’s our hope.”

The Walking Dead season 11 continues Sundays on AMC in the USA and the following Monday on Disney+ in the UK.

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