Will Mellor to miss out on Strictly final after 'mistakes' and 'self-sabotage' exposed


Will Mellor, who has been the favourite to win Strictly Come Dancing, was dealt a blow last weekend after admitting he was suffering from the flu. This meant the actor was bedbound and was unable to put as many hours into rehearsals. However, this didn't stop Will as he still put everything into his performance last weekend.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, body language expert Darren Stanton analysed Will's performance last weekend, admitting the star could be at risk.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, Darren said Will's nerves could be having an impact on the actor's place in the competition.

“Will is allowing his nerves to get the better of him now he is a few weeks into the competition," the expert began.

"While he usually uses his humour and personality to navigate himself through difficult situations, this competition is about sheer hard work and performance.

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"The dance floor is very revealing in terms of showing every mistake.

"Although Will’s confidence continues to get stronger and his rapport with partner Nancy appears to be developing, I think he is now allowing the pressure to get to him a little."

Discussing the chances of Will not making the final, Darren continued: "Despite being a favourite to win, I still feel is in danger of leaving the competition if he does not allow his nerves to get resolved.

"He needs to learn to maintain his composure and professionalism otherwise he may risk being in the dance-off, which could have a very detrimental effect on his confidence.

However, after a tense performance, the judges decided to save Kym, meaning Matt was sent home.

According to Darren, Kym was surprised to find she and Graziano di Prima had landed in the bottom two despite receiving good scores.

“Graziano was absolutely gutted when it was announced they would be in the dance-off, while Kym was definitely the more resilient of the two," the expert pointed out.

"Kym comes across as extremely strong, especially when getting feedback from the judges.

"She obviously didn’t feel that she was right to be in that position - you could see this through the expression of disbelief she showed when the results were announced.

“As Craig was positive about their performance, I think that was a clear indication that the judges felt she had no business being in the dance-off.

"Her and Graziano had pulled off a fantastic dance and it was obvious the judges were going to save her based on their body language.

"Graziano was seen reassuring Kym by giving her a small tap on her shoulder. I believe in their heart they knew they were going to be saved.”

Strictly Come Dancing returns on Saturday at 6.40pm on BBC One.

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