1899 boss shares axed storyline from Netflix series as he brands it a 'bad idea'



During the interview, Jantje Friese also spoke on the comparisons and highlighted: “1899 just has a different structure. 

“But it’s not like what we thought, people didn’t understand Dark, so we have to make this one easier. I think it’s a very individual thing. 

“We’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve had the opportunity to see the first six episodes, and it’s kind of half and half. 

“Some said ‘Oh, it felt more at ease, like it was easier to comprehend’ others were like ‘This has so many more complicated puzzle pieces, what are you guys doing?’

“I think it’s an individual experience, we didn’t try to make it easier,” Jantje added to The Hollywood Reporter.

1899 is available to stream on Netflix