Angel Adoree horrified over Escape to the Chateau problems: 'Has it always been this bad?'


Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree faced new hurdles in the latest instalment of Escape to the Chateau as they renovated their family home. The husband and wife duo, who have spent years transforming Château de la Motte-Husson, were preparing to re-open their wedding business after two years. However, it was clear to see that Angel was worried about getting everything finished in time for their first wedding.

Not only did Angel have plans for opening a new Atelier de Mariage, but the duo also had to have the outside of the Chateau rendered.

As they stood outside their home, Angel looked horrified as she asked her husband: "Has it always been this bad?"

"We have a month to go and it feels a bit tight for me," Angel continued.

Trying to reassure his wife, Dick replied: "Theoretically there is enough time."

"So we have no problems?" Angel asked. "And the weather being kind...

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"That is it," Dick reassured his wife. "Remembering that the rendering is frosty and there is frost next week."

As they walked around their home, the engineer added: "This area needs a bit of love, doesn't it?"

"Big time," Angel nervously laughed before setting out her demands.

"It is fine to have scaffolding around the back, but not here and this needs to be tidied up."

Elsewhere in the episode, Angel had her mind on other things, admitting to Dick they had a "big year ahead".

As they took a winter walk with their children, Dorothy and Arthur, the pair discussed how they were going to prepare for the wedding season.

Angel said: "I'm afraid, babes that this is a big year for us, this is a year of celebration.

"We haven't got time to be doing this stuff, we have got to put our focus back on the house."

"We will," Dick agreed as they looked at their home in the distance.

"It's interesting because if you look across, you can still see the work that has to be done before the first wedding."

After two years of being shut to the public, Dick and Angel were preparing to host 12 weddings in the summer.

"It really feels like when we first started weddings," the mum-of-two continued sharing her concerns.

Escape to the Chateau airs on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4.