David Jason left Only Fools and Horses bosses ‘quaking’ over ‘huge row’ with co-star


Sir David Jason has revealed he once erupted at Nicholas Lyndhurst while filming Only Fools And Horses, but thankfully for fans it was all in the name of comedy. David recalled the time as he looked back on his iconic role as Del Boy in the BBC hit show.

Sir David starred as Del Boy Trotter for over 30 years but at one stage it looked as though he was bringing down the curtains on his beloved character.

The popular actor has opened up on the humorous prank in a recent interview about his long acting career.

He said: "One day, Nick and I were in our very small caravan on location.

"We were all fed up because nothing was happening so Nick and I said ‘Why don’t we stage a huge row and you can storm out and say you’re leaving and I can shout at you saying don’t you ever come back again. I never want to work with you’.”

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During their moment of boredom, the comedy duo decided to go ahead with their plan and begin their fake row.

Sir David explained: "The whole crew went stiff. Five minutes went by and the producer and director came to see me and they were quaking in their boots.

“They asked what’s going on and I told them to go see Nick."

However, Sir David eventually gave the game away, but not everyone was pleased with the pair's theatrics.

However, in October, the actor opened up on his "seriously bad" health battle in a discussion with BBC Breakfast's Jon Kay.

He explained: "I went to the Fairford Airshow and I caught the dreaded Covid and did I get it bad - I got it seriously bad."

The Del Boy actor added: "I got out of the bed in the early hours, to make a visit and because all my muscles were not working I collapsed and my arms wouldn't work and my legs wouldn't work.

"So being a very creative and inventive person as what I am, I thought, 'How will I get from here to the door?'"

"You know when you see the Walruses you see David Attenborough, how they walk or crawl on land, in order to do that I needed to use my head."

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