Hamza Yassin’s hair ‘a concern’ over fears it could ‘interfere’ with Strictly routine


Hamza Yassin is currently the bookmakers' favourite to win Strictly Come Dancing 2022. The cameraman has gone from strength to strength each week, and he never fails to impress the judges. However, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, one expert explained that while Hamza has lovely long hair, it could soon be a problem for him.

Speaking on behalf of Heart Bingo, Dr Jill Rose Jacobs began: "This may be a note for the hair and makeup team but Hamza's long locks are a concern.

"I would recommend that Hamza should tuck his hair inside his costume or wear it in a tightly bound man-bun.

"Dancers most commonly wear their hair pulled into tight buns and styles that are close to the head, not for beauty, but for safety.

"Having loose hair may interfere with your costume or obscure your vision following a quick turn."

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Discussing one of Hamza's routines, the expert continued: "Hamza's hair was sewn to his costume in last week's competition; evidence that Strictly costumes have yet to find a functional and aesthetic solution.

"I like Hamza and his dancing. I hope he continues to dance with joy and is in good health."

Sharing her predictions for the final, Dr Jill added: "We should hopefully see him go on to compete in the finals and straight to the Glitterball."

During their latest routine, Hamza and his dance partner Jowita Przystał scored an impressive 33 points out of a possible 40.

"That was like a death drop, in the end, I was thinking something was wrong actually as he was really going for it."

Tonight, the couple will be dancing the Cha Cha Cha to I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) by the Four Tops.

Speaking about their routine, he explained: "I can't wait to be smiling but I must admit the Cha Cha Cha makes no sense.

"The rhythm is out, the changes, the steps don't make sense, it's straight legs in one but bent in the other."

Last weekend, James Bye was sent home after landing in the bottom two against Fleur East.

However, all four judges decided to vote for the X Factor star, meaning she will be back to fight for her place this weekend.

It was an emotional moment for James, who broke down in tears while reflecting on his Strictly journey.

Strictly Come Dancing airs on Saturday at 7pm on BBC One.

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