Jools Holland caught totally naked backstage by Courtney Love: 'She just stayed there!'


Instead, the singer-songwriter delivered a blunt "Thank you very much!"

The 30 years of his show was also marred by the occasional trauma, including when he appeared onstage in 2014 despite secretly battling prostate cancer at the same time.

The potentially deadly disease had been spotted before any symptoms arose due to it being picked up on a routine blood test - but it was still a tense moment as viewers knew nothing of what he was experiencing behind the scenes.

Earlier this year, he fronted the Raise The Roof show, a star-studded gig with the aim of raising awareness of the cancer.

Meanwhile, Jools recently told the Times that he wouldn't have Kanye West on the show again now, due to his recent string of antisemitic comments.

Read Jools' full interview in the new issue of Radio Times magazine, out this week.