Katrina Law nationality: Where is NCIS' Jessica Knight star from?



Law opened up about her "unique" childhood back in 2010 with Why So Blu?

"It wasn’t until I was older that I finally started to realise just how different my childhood was from many of my friends," she said.  

"For me, it was normal to celebrate New Year on two different days.  

"It was totally acceptable and fine that there were two Gods who at the end of the day were basically saying the same thing.  

"I also didn’t realise how 'progressive' it was for my dad to marry interracially when he did and I wasn’t aware of how unique it was for an American child to speak two languages.

"But times have changed and I think that my 'unique' childhood is now becoming the norm as the world gets smaller and smaller, people travel more and colour lines get blurred."