Matt Hancock disgusts I’m A Celeb stars 'after touching poo with bare hands'



After watching Matt rinse his hands under some water, Owen was horrified.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, he exclaimed: “That is our former Health Secretary… ‘happy birthday twice’ he told me and he’s just given a little [flick] after touching poo with his bare hands!”

Those tuning in at home were left horrified and took to Twitter to share their disgust.

Nurse Leone posted: “Sorry but Matt Hancock not washing his hand after touching bird poo?… more evidence that he was a terrible health secretary #ironic #ImACeleb.”

Craig Boynton added: “Hahah Matt Hancock the former health secretary during a pandemic touched bird poo and only rinsed his hands. We never stood a f**king chance #ImACeleb.”

“Matt Hancock, the former health secretary, just wiped bird poo off a chair with his bare hand and when his campmates insisted that he wash his hands, he reluctantly rinsed his hand for a couple of seconds without soap. #ImACeleb,” Shark Boy tweeted.