‘Why didn’t you bl***y do it?’ Mike Tindall loses it with Matt Hancock



Royal Family member Mike Tindall was rubbed up the wrong way by a comment former Health Secretary Matt Hancock made to Sue Cleaver during the latest episode of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Mike snapped at the politician after he mocked Sue, 59, for moaning about a shaving bowl he had not washed out. Matt apologised, but Mike took to the Bush Telegraphy to vent his anger over the MP. 

In the episode, campmate Owen Warner mentioned Matt had asked for spare food after he was one of the lucky ones who got to enjoy a barbecue on the Gold Coast's sandy beaches away from camp. 

Owen, who missed out on the barbecue, said in the Bush Telegraph: “The absolute cheek of it, especially after you’ve just been to the beach all day. 

"Came back, bragging about how much food there was, talking about how full they were. Beautiful. 

"To come back here and ask if there’s any spare food when I’m around. If there’s any spare food I’m cleaning it up.” 

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Mike, who appeared in brighter spirits, sang Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby and Jill and Seann started dancing. 

Seann admitted: “It probably looked terrible, but it felt good.”

Footballer Jill Scott added: “I always end with the worm and I always land flat on my face. 

"It was like the kind of finale to the worst dance show you’ve ever seen in your life.” 

Mike also expressed his thoughts on politicians on Tuesday's instalment of the ITV reality show despite the Royal Family being politically neutral. 

Speaking with Seann, Mike admitted: "I just think all politicians are f*****s."

He went on: "I mean for them to even have the conversation just because they're all Boris [Johnson] fans that didn't like how Boris was ousted that you won't pick the best person for the job, that just sums politicians up."

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! continues daily on ITV from 9pm.