Yellowstone season 5 episode 3 cast: Who is in the cast?



Yellowstone is back and John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) has taken over as governor of Montana. This did not go down well with his son Jamie (Wes Bentley), who will become Market Equities' next target. has all you need to know about who is in the cast.

Who is in Yellowstone season 5 episode 3?

Sarah Atwood - Dawn Olivieri

In a video explaining what is to come on season five of Yellowstone, Jamie is seen walking in a suit.

The new big bad Sarah Atwood asks: “Why aren’t you governor?” as Jamie explains: “He’s hard to beat in a fair fight.”

Sarah, who is seen cozying up to him in an office, replies: “I can help you if you want me to.”

The pair are later seen kissing at a bar, where he takes a moment to shoot Beth (Kelly Reilly) an evil glance.

Sarah is played by Dawn Olivieri, a 41-year-old American actress known for her roles in Heroes and House of Lies.

She is no stranger to the Yellowstone universe, having played Claire Dutton in the prequel series 1883.

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Caroline Warner - Jacqui Weaver

Caroline is the CEO of Market Equities and she has returned to take down the Duttons once and for all.

After she failed to reign in Beth Dutton, she decided to turn her attention to Jamie.

Caroline is played by Jacqui Weaver, a 75-year-old theatre, film and TV actress.

She is known for her roles in Animal Kingdom, Silver Linings Playbook and Perpetual Grace.

The mother of one is married to actor Sean Taylor.

Jamie Dutton - Wes Bentley

Jamie Dutton comes into the spotlight in season five as he tries to break free from his family's hold.

He was devastated when his father sidestepped him to become governor, but he could still plot his comeback.

Wes Bentley plays Jamie and he is known for his other roles in American Beauty and Hotel.

Speaking on what is to come for his character in Yellowstone, he said: "Any love that was there is gone with Beth, and his father basically took any job Jamie would like out of this whole arrangement, so now he views John differently, too."

"Jamie is a broken man, but at the moment, he’s a broken man under someone’s thumb who doesn’t have a way out, so he’s boiling and looking for that way out," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

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Carter - Finn Little

Carter has undergone a huge transformation since season four and he was almost unrecognisable.

He will have to win back the respect of the other ranch hands after his carelessness led to John's horse having to be put down.

Carter is played by Finn Little, a 16-year-old Australian actor who has starred in Those Who Wish Me Dead.

Fans may also recognise him from Angel of Mine and Reckoning.

Yellowstone airs on Sundays on The Paramount Network and Mondays on Paramount Plus