Yellowstone season 5 release time: What time is Yellowstone season 5 premiere?



Yellowstone returns to The Paramount Network on November 13 for fans in the US and the explosive premiere promises plenty of drama. The Western series will pick up with John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) preparing to take on the role of governor of Montana. has all you need to know about what time to tune in.

What time is the Yellowstone season 5 premiere?

Yellowstone fans are eager to see how John Dutton will use his new-found powers to his advantage as governor.

He and Beth (Kelly Reilly) went behind Jamie's (Wes Bentley) back to secure the high-status position and Jamie is not going to like it.

Viewers will also be waiting to find out whether Jamie is still under his sister's thumb after she got evidence of him disposing of his father's body at the train station.

The good thing is, fans will gain plenty of insight as the premiere is a two-hour-long event, meaning two episodes will air back to back.

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The show will start at 8pm Eastern Time and 7pm Central Time on The Paramount Network, for fans in the US.

Viewers will need a cable subscription or a live-tv streaming service to watch live.

Thankfully, if viewers are not able to watch on Sunday night, Paramount on-demand will allow them to catch up.

Once season five is finished, it will be added to Peacock, but this will not be until early 2023.

The series is made up of 14 episodes, which will air weekly at the same timeslot.

Jamie actor Wes said: "This time you really feel like the ranch could go at any moment and even if it doesn't, something terrible is going to happen anyway."

Season five will welcome some new faces, including Dawn Olivieri as corporate shark Sarah Atwood.

She said: "There's a lot of new storylines, me being one of them and because of the new storylines, there's some new fears that show up."

Some of the episodes have already been given unique titles, with five names having been revealed.

They are as follows:

Episode one - One Hundred Years is Nothing

Episode two - The Sting Of Wisdom

Episode four - Horses in Heaven

Episode five - Watch'em Ride Away

Episode six - Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and Fog

Yellowstone's fourth season premiere broke records with the two-hour viewing having been watched by 8.38million people, which made it cable's most-watched episode since 2018.

Yellowstone airs on The Paramount Network on Sunday, November 13 at 8pm ET. Fans in the UK can watch the next day via Paramount Plus.