Angel Adoree 'emotional' as Escape to the Chateau filming comes to an end



"We've got the windows in the back here and we're going to be building a conservatory. From the main floor up here in the air, as the floor comes up, it's going to be ornamental, so it's going to have little bits and pieces like that.

"And this is going to be a glass conservatory on the back of the chateau here. And it's going to be suspended on little cast-iron posts. And this window will become a door.

"So the door's there... Bit of a challenge, but it's an interesting one because here we need to make sure that we get a little foundation for each of those posts.

"Robin, who's at the end of the road, does metalwork. He says he can build me the metalwork to suspend my building in the air. I'll be able to sit in there with my morning coffee and watch the world."

Escape to the Chateau airs Sunday from 8pm on Channel 4.