Call The Midwife's Lucille and Cyril Robinson torn apart in heartbreaking storyline



Call The Midwife's Christmas Special is just around the corner and will see the residents of Poplar and Nonnatus House come together for the festive season. Season 12 of the BBC One drama will follow shortly and is set to look at the devastating effects the Enoch Powell speech and protests have on the community, and could even put a strain on Lucille Robinson (played by Leonie Elliot) and Cyril Robinson (Zephryn Taitte) marriage.

In 1968, MP Enoch Powell caused controversy after strongly criticising mass immigration during a meeting at a Conservative Political Centre in Birmingham.

The statement saw the politician dismissed from the Shadow Cabinet and had a major influence on society across the nation.

Writer Heidi Thomas admitted that the heartwarming series is set to tackle the late politician's speech, Rivers of Blood, in the upcoming series.

The racial prejudice storyline will have a direct impact on Cyril and Lucille who both came to Britain from the Caribbean to work.

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When giving an insight into what viewers can expect to see from Lucille and Cyril and how the speech impacts them, Cyril actor Zephryn Taitte teased some "jeopardy" for the pair.

He told and other press: "It kind of puts their relationship in jeopardy, it puts them in a situation where they discuss the reality of it.

"Because Cyril is like 'everyone is fine, everyone likes us and accepts us' but he is not the one on the front line of the NHS, Lucille is.

"It reminded me of when I was living in the Netherlands when the right wing was on the rise and there was a lot of hostility towards Morrocans especially.

"It is kind of hard to make a comment on it because I am succeeding and I know a lot of people have succeeded despite their background."

Co-star Jenny Agutter, who plays Sister Julienne in the drama, added: "Lack of perception but you can also bring it to modern day.

"With immigration, when you are in an economy where you are frightened for your own life, which is what happens in that, Enoch Powell just grabs that moment and people turn.

"They hear a loud voice and the blame goes there and we are going to hear the same thing today with immigrants coming in and people's own fears."

Others stories which are set to be explored throughout the latest series look at the struggles of same-sex relationships, schizophrenia and the introduction of vasectomies and ventouse.

Executive producer Pippa Harris joked: “It is a special treat for all the men in the audience.”

Viewers will also be treated to the engagement of Matthew Alyward (Olly Rix) and Trixie Franklin (Helen George) in the Christmas Special.

The series will then follow them in their journey of planning their big day, with the arrival of Matthew's father adding unwanted pressure.

Call The Midwife is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.