GB News sparks uproar as Samantha Markle reacts to Meghan 'not having a father'



Samantha Markle broke her silence on the first three episodes of the Netflix series Harry & Meghan during Thursday's instalment of Dan Wootton Tonight on GB News. Samantha, who is the Duchess of Sussex's half-sister, is facing a backlash after hitting out at allegations made in the docu-series about their father Thomas Markle. 

Samantha, 58, appeared via video link on the GB News programme where she was shown a clip from the series of Prince Harry saying: "Now [Meghan] doesn't have a father and I shouldered that because if Meg wasn't with me, then her dad would still be her dad."

Host Dan raged: "What? What? Her father is recovering from a stroke literally about a three-hour drive away. 

"Can you believe that [claim], 'She doesn't have a father?'"

The American shook her head as Dan was speaking and claimed: "No, and that was all lies too. 

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"To suggest they have sent a car and he refused to get in, no, he was in the hospital with a heart attack. 

"He wasn't getting text messages and for her to allegedly say, 'Samantha must have erased his texts', how can I do that from Florida when he's in Mexico?"

Dan interjected to remind viewers, who "haven't watched the horrible bore-fest" that Meghan tried to claim someone had intercepted her father's phone. 

Samantha shut down the claim and told Dan it was a "farfetched" and "really hurtful" thing to say. 

@Tlhoks520 penned: "Samantha is a jealous half wicked sister."

Tom Ford added: "Rolling of the eyes, very classy Samantha, Samantha is just a hungry sister living in the shadows of her famous sister. She just wants a slice of fame, glory and money. Sad woman!" (sic) 

@Cocoaminnie claimed: "Samantha Markle's own daughter thinks her mother is a waste of space and has just done interviews, like Thomas Markle, for the money. Samantha's daughter is close to Meghan and has said her mother Samantha was never close to Meghan." 

However, Taryn Valentin said: "This woman was the first to warn us about Meghan Markle. We called her jealous, I called her vile. Today where we are? She was right. I apologise to Sam."