Gogglebox’s Ellie Warner announces pregnancy on Channel 4 show with sweet baby scan



Ellie and her sister Izzi were back on the Gogglebox sofas to binge through the week’s helping of unmissable TV. However, before they provided their analysis of the biggest talking points from the small screen, Ellie had something to show her sibling.

"I went for a scan on Saturday,” Ellie said to her sister as the show headed to their house in Leeds.

“That's the picture,” she said as her sister chimed in: “Awww, is that from the back then?”

“Do you think it is?” Ellie asked. “I don’t know but it looks like a jelly alien!”

Ellie then shared her mum’s reaction: “When I showed mum the picture, she was like, ‘Oh, can I take a picture?’”

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Spotting her sister didn’t share the same enthusiasm, Ellie jokingly hit out: “You didn't even look at it for two minutes." 

“I did!” Izzi replied. “I told you where the things were… I’ll stare at it a bit longer.

“Just to make you happy,” Izzi quipped as her sister let out a laugh.

Ellie had kept her pregnancy out of the spotlight until now and naturally, fans were keen to congratulate her on the news.

Meanwhile, Tracy Irvine added to the discussion: “Congratulations Ellie xx #Gogglebox.”

And Kelly Crumpton shared: “ELLIE’S HAVING A BABY?!#Gogglebox,” followed by crying emojis. (sic)

Ellie is expecting her baby with boyfriend Nat Eddleston who she’s been with since 2018, reportedly.

In March this year, Ellie’s boyfriend was hospitalized after being hit by a car.