Martin Compston addresses ‘abuse’ over BBC role



The 38-year actor is set to star in two upcoming heavyweight TV dramas over the festive period. Mayflies and The Rig. However, despite his fast-approaching roles Martin confessed that after his brief appearance in last year's Vigil, there's one question everybody asks him first.

Last summer, the nation was hooked on the six-part BBC thriller that followed the investigation of a dead serviceman on a Royal Navy submarine.

With a stellar cast including Suranne Jones, Shaun Evans, Rose Leslie and Martin Compston, viewers had high expectations.

Although they were left furious when Marin's character, Craig Burke, was suddenly killed off within the first 10 minutes of the series.

Despite reappearing in video footage, people were stumped over his brief appearance, which the 38-year-old confessed still gets referred to.

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Speaking to RadioTimes, Martin said: "I did eight days’ filming and never thought any more about it.

"But with the marketing campaign, they put you front and centre and everybody was raging!”

Laughing at the huge reaction from viewers over his quick death in Vigil, Martin admitted people always ask how long he'll be in a series now.

He added: “I was getting so much abuse! Now, everything I’m in, that’s everybody’s first question: do you last more than five minutes?”

Although fast forward 30 years when Tully calls his old friend with awful news, he has a request that till test their friendship and loyalty.

When asked if he recognises anything of himself and his own friends in the upcoming drama, Martin confessed that the friends in Mayflies are slightly soft whereas he had to have thick skin growing up in the football dressing rooms in Greenock.

However, his role in Amazon Prime’s The Rig hholdsa personal meaning for the actor due to his own father spending time on oil rigs as a pipe-fitter and welder.

Touching on his memories of his dad working on the rigs, Martin confessed that he and his brother had to literally pick his dad up off the train.

He said: “They would have a right go at it [drinking] on the way home, then he’d go back into family routine.

“But for a lot of them it was two weeks partying, and then back on the rig to dry out.”

The Amazon Prime series is a thriller that focuses on a remote Scottish oil rig which is suddenly surrounded by a fog and storm that seems supernatural.

Mayflies airs on BBC One on December 28 at 9pm.

The Rig is set to release on Amazon Prime on January 6.