Meghan and Harry doc claims they were cut off to force them to 'comply and come back'



Netflix’s royal documentary Harry & Meghan continues to compel and perplex people in equal measure. The six-part series was split in half of the American streaming platform with the first three hitting the platform last week. The final three episodes arrived today (December 15) and have provided from food for thought.

Prior to their release, Netflix shared a teaser in which Prince Harry said: “I wonder what would have happened to us had we not got out when we did.” 

His wife Meghan Markle explained how the pair were having their security pulled at this time and Prince Harry making the executive decision to take his family away from the situation and leave Britain. 

There was even a snippet of Harry on an aeroplane which he described as the “freedom flight” with the royal having a palpable sense of relief on his face and even giving a smile as he said it. 

Prince Harry also spoke about “institutional gas lighting” and perhaps most damningly said: “They were happy to lie to protect my brother. They were never willing to tell the truth to protect us.”

In the final episode of the documentary, viewers were introduced to Meghan's friend Tyler Perry who gave the royal couple his home in LA to live while they departed from the Royal Family.

Although Meghan had never Tyler, he had written to her before the wedding and said he was praying for her and would always be there for them.

Speaking on the documentary, Tyler said: "I could feel the fear, it was palpable. I could hear. I asked her what she was afraid of and she took a deep breath and she started listing the things."

In response, Tyler then said: "Every one of your fears is valid. You know, the most that I knew about the Royal Family was around Princess Diana's death."

He added: "To use the institution to do all the things a batterer would do."

Tyler listed cutting off their money and security, adding: "We are going to do all those things to make you comply and come back." 

Harry & Meghan is streaming on Netflix now