Netflix viewers complain minutes into Harry & Meghan as prince 'attacks' Royal Family



However, viewers flocked to Twitter to comment on the prince and Meghan's claims, with Kathryn Graham adding: "Harry & Meghan - Where is all this poison coming from? Why is Harry so intent on attacking his own flesh and blood? Is it resentment, jealousy, a strong desire to be number one, not the spare? Or is it mainly the influence of Meghan?"

Rupert Myers remarked: "I love my family- we fall out, we get cross, we have disputes, but never in a million years would I make a multi-part documentary slagging them off for cash. Harry & Meghan are truly cheap."

Hani Iskander raged: Why do we give a s**t about Harry & Meghan? They’re prostituting their fame for money while viewers’ mortgages are going up every month."

However, @Ndege said: "#Harry & #Meghan… Privacy surely doesn’t mean the same as it once did. I hope they‘ll soon have peace and quiet. It’s certainly most overdue. #Netflix."