Ozark’s Jason Bateman added major change to Power star’s ‘loser’ character



American TV star Joseph Sikora is best known for portraying New York gangster Tommy Egan in all six seasons of Power. He has since returned to screens for Starz’s equally popular slate of new spin-offs, but Netflix subscribers might also recognise him from his two-season stint on the hit series Ozark, which starred Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as a reluctant criminal couple.

Actor and director Jason wanted the Power star to portray a “loser” when he signed on as Frank Cosgrove Jr in Ozark season three.

Joseph revealed Jason wanted him to change up his audition for the role having already portrayed Tommy for several years.

“You bring part of yourself to every character,” he explained.

“You want to have it based in reality, but you have to accept the fact that this is not you.”

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The long-running Power star recently sat down with Michael Rainey Jr and Gianni Paolo to tease the second season of his new spin-off, Power Book IV: Force.

While he has expertly played Tommy for nearly a decade, moving over to Ozark offered some different challenges as a new recurring star for seasons three and four.

“To play Frank Jr on Ozark,” he recalled on Michael and Gianni’s podcast The Crew Has It.

“And to play Tommy, they are the exact opposite character.”

“But Bateman was like, ‘Ah Joe, you know what? Even more… he’s even worse, this guy’s even more of a loser’.”

In season four, Frank Jr struck up an alliance with Ruth Langmore (played by Julia Garner) though later ran afoul of Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery).

Joseph’s co-star Michael admitted he had no idea he had landed a role on Ozark, and his appearance was a pleasant surprise when he tuned into the third season.

In the meantime, Power fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Force, which is expected to premiere its second season in the first half of 2023.

Joseph himself recently teased the upcoming release with a very short trailer on his personal Instagram account.

The footage shows Tommy entering a room with a pistol, beating up a thug and walking away from a nearby explosion.

It ends with the anti-hero surveilling his new Chicago surroundings before a caption promises season two is coming soon.

Power Book IV: Force season 2 will premiere in 2023 on Starz in the USA and Lionsgate+ via Prime Video in the UK.