‘TCM Underground’ Programmer & ‘Slumberground’ Host Millie De Chirico Laid Off Three Days Before Christmas



“Well, it’s been a great 18 1/2 years, but my job was cut in a company restructure recently which means tomorrow is my last day at TCM,” TCM Underground programmer Millie De Chirico announced today which, of course, is three days before Christmas.

TCM is part of Warner Bros. Discovery, which has been laying people off in droves recently. CNN announced significant layoffs late last month that saw prominent faces such as Chris Clizza, Martin Savidge and Ana Cabrera depart. Nancy Daniels, who oversaw the Turner networks and a number of Discovery channels, and Jane Latman, the HGTV veteran who was also in charge of Food Network were among the many WBD exec departures this month.

De Chirico has been programming TCM Underground for 15 years. She also has hosted the companion YouTube series TCM Slumberground and been a part of the outlet’s popular TCM Classic Film Festival.

Billed as a “late-night movie franchise that showcases the best of classic cult favorites and hard-to-find films, from experimental shorts to off-beat comedies,” TCM Underground airs overnight Saturday into Sunday.

De Chirico thanked her supporters today online.

“Very grateful to anyone who supported my programming work over the years, including @TCMUnderground. Means a lot!” she wrote, before noting, “I’ll still be around laughing very loudly on our film podcast, @ISawPod.”