The Confessions of Frannie Langton episode 1 cast: Who is in the cast?



George Benham - Stephen Campbell Moore

George lives in London with his wife, whom he makes sure does not escape from the gilded cage he has created for her.

He is played by Stephen Campbell Moore, a 43-year-old British actor known for his roles in The History Boys and War of the Worlds.

He was also married to actress Claire Foy between 2014 and 2018.

John Langton - Steven Mackintosh

John Langton is a plantation and slave owner in Jamaica who is heading to London with Frannie after losing his property in a fire.

He took ownership of Frannie in Jamaica and still sees her as his own to do with as he pleases.

John is played by Steven Mackintosh, a 55-year-old English actor and narrator.

He has starred in Wanderlust, Inside Men and The Halcyon.

Paying tribute to his co-star Karla-Simone, he said: "There is probably hardly a frame that Karla-Simone is not in.

"It was an enormous role for her, but she just took it all in her stride.

"She has such self-assurance and confidence, strength in her performance, but is also capable of amazing vulnerability as well."