Too Hot To Handle’s Creed McKinnon claims he was ‘unaware’ of ‘deep feelings’ after split



Netflix’s hit dating series Too Hot To Handle made its comeback to screens with a dramatic fourth season, which saw 10 contestants battle temptation for a genuine connection. However, Creed McKinnon found himself in a tough love triangle between Sophie Stonehouse and Flavia Laos. 

The 10 singles from across the world arrived at the Caribbean villa under the guise of a new dating show, Wild Love and were taken aback to learn they were really on Too Hot To Handle. 

Once the contestants began making their steamy connections, the show’s virtual assistant Lana was unveiled with a host of new rules. 

For the chance of taking home a cash prize of $200,000 (£163,548), the singles were forced to practice abstinence. 

This meant kissing, heavy petting, sex, or solo-self-gratification of any kind was not permitted and the cast would be fined for any rules broken.

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Lana wanted the singles to put their temptations aside and build a genuine connection for a chance of the relationship working on the outside. 

As the cast was getting to know each other, Creed and Sophie hit it off and were moving forward with real feelings for each other. 

This was until episode five brought the arrival of newcomers Ethan Smith and Flavia who were permitted to take any of the singles contestants on a date.

Much to Creed’s annoyance, Ethan chose Sophie who turned down a kiss because she had feelings for Creed, while Flavia went on a date with Seb Melrose.  

“But at the end of the day, we’re in there to kind of have that fairytale ending and if you feel a romantic connection, you kind of move in a certain way.”

Creed admitted: “It was crushing to see, honestly, how distraught Sophie was after I did what I did.”

After being left heartbroken, Sophie made it clear on numerous occasions that she no longer had any interest in getting to know anyone on a romantic level. 

Although Creed and Flavia were together, their connection was also put to the test when Imogen Ewan joined the villa. 

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