Virgin River’s Muriel star to fall in love after star drops major clue



Fans are eager to see Netflix’s hit romance drama Virgin River make its comeback with season five. Ahead of its release, actress Teryl Rothery hinted her character Muriel could finally settle down. 

When Muriel was first introduced, fans considered her a villain for getting in between Hope Mcrea (played by Annette O’Toole) and Doc Mullins (Tom Matheson).

She made her romantic interest in Doc well aware, which filled Hope with hatred for her even though the couple had been separated for 20 years. 

Hope and Doc had been married but never made their break-up official with a divorce, instead, they chose to remain close friends. 

During season three Hope was away for the majority of the season as she went to visit an ailing aunt, as a result, Muriel and Doc got closer.

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After Hope got into a major car crash on the way back to the Virgin River, Muriel realised just how dedicated Doc was to Hope. 

As a result, Muriel was able to be there for him as a close friend and provided support. 

She also made Hope a photo blanket with all her loved ones' faces for when she left the operating room. 

As Doc went from a potential romance to a platonic friend, actress Teryl Rothery hinted at her character bagging a love interest in season five

 “Muriel is no different, so it would be nice for her to have some kind of connection where she feels wanted.”

When probed about an upcoming backstory, Teryl added: “Maybe her secret lover or her ex, or somebody comes forward.

“I’m all for that too, that would be fantastic, that would be awesome .”

Speaking on the Chatting with B podcast, she explained  “That’s the beauty of this show, you can go just about anywhere.”

Although Muriel’s potential relationship is yet to be confirmed there will definitely be wedding bells in the upcoming season. 

During the finale, Jack Sheridan (Marin Henderson) proposed to Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge). 

With the couple expecting a daughter, fans could see the couple tie the knot and welcome their first child in season five. 

However, there is also the question of Vince’s (Steve Baci) fate, after he was knocked out by Preacher (Colin Lawrence) to help Paige (Lexa Doig) and Christopher (Chase Petriw) escape. 

Virgin River seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix