Yellowstone’s Ryan star left ‘bleeding from the face’ after nasty season 5 accident



The fifth season of Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone has gone deeper into the world of cowboys and cattle ranching than ever before, but there was plenty of collateral damage along the way. Bunkhouse stars Ian Bohen and Denim Richards have revealed one particularly nasty accident while they were branding livestock for the Paramount Network drama had a rather bloody conclusion.

Yellowstone actor Ian, who portrays Dutton Ranch wrangler Ryan, has recalled an unpleasant altercation with an aggressive cow on the set of the latest season.

In season five, John Dutton’s (played by Kevin Costner) staff are tasked with roping, castrating and branding cattle for the ranch.

Not only are the cowboys shown performing these tasks for real, but the bunkhouse cast also needed weeks of preparation before they were able to show off their skills on camera.

“When we’re doing these things, you say it so quickly, but then you factor in a 200-pound animal,” Denim explained.

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“Cameras are set and positioned a certain way, and then the animals themselves, they don’t like this!

“They see one and they’re like, ‘Oh, we don’t want that’. So they are just bucking and kicking.”

Jimmy Hurdstrom star Jefferson White assured viewers this was all part of making sure the cattle are healthy and looked after on the latest edition of Stories from the Bunkhouse.

Even so, this didn’t stop an especially perturbed animal from taking its frustration out on Ian.

He recalled: “It was like, ‘Take my elbow, son!’ Right here,” he added, pointing to the bridge of his nose.

“He’s down there for a second,” Denim added. “And we’re still in the midst of it all. He turned around and blood is just leaking down his face.”

Although the bunkhouse cast are still in character, Yellowstone adds an extra layer of authenticity by having the Dutton Ranch cowboys perform much of their tasks for real.

However, this filming style can also lead to some unexpected challenges along the way.

“You can rehearse this stuff, and you can plan it, but it’s different every time,” Jefferson said.

“Like, you’re talking about a live horse and a live calf. Every time it’s going to be different.”

Thankfully, no members of the bunkhouse were injured too severely, although nothing is off the cards for the ranch as the fifth season of Yellowstone continues.

Yellowstone season 5 continues Sundays on the Paramount Network and the following Monday on Paramount+.