1000lb Best Friends’ Tina issues stern defence of Meghan as fans make ‘mooching’ claims



Tina hit back at viewers and stated: “I will not continue to sit quietly while the world around us – who does NOT live with us, who does NOT pay our bills, who are NOT here to help me, go off on her and call her nasty names.”

She also addressed the show’s editing, remarking: “Y’all see snippets of our lives and you can’t know 100% truth from snippets, you just can’t.

“I know that our way of living isn’t traditional … I want to live happy, not trying to impress others by living to their standards.”

“I’ll keep her right here (for now) where she’s safe and we get to be blessed by her every day until I know without a doubt that she will be ok next door! Love y’all, mean it!” Tina concluded. (sic)

1000lb Best Friends season 2 continues Wednesdays on TLC.

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