24 Hours in A&E viewers ‘nearly sick’ after seeing woman’s ‘ankle hanging by a thread’



The Channel 4 programme returned on Tuesday night and saw 45-year-old Kirsty being rushed to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham after dislocating her ankle during a charity fun run. As the nurses and doctors rushed to Kirsty’s aid, viewers struggled to watch after her ankle “was hanging on by a thread”.

Graphic warning: Some may find the images and details distressing

As she lay on the hospital bed, Kirsty said: “I just need something to knock me out.”

‘Kirsty, we’re going to move you and get you something strong for pain relief my darling,” the nurse replied as they tried to comfort her.

As they wheeled Kirsty to another room, the doctor rushed to her side to give her pain relief.

“Kirsty, I am Anna one of the doctors,” she said before adding: “I am going to be looking after you today.

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“I am giving you some drugs now. This medicine here is fantastic I promise you.”

However, things took a turn when the doctors and nurses tried to spin Kirsty on her side.

“Kirsty, I need you to stay nice and still for us,” the doctor warned.

Although, it got a bit too much for Kirsty and she ended up lashing out at Anna, resulting in a punch to the face.

“OMFG that ankle injury! #24hoursinaande,” user @MRadclyffe wrote. (sic).

While Chloe added: “#24hoursinaande the start of this episode, that injury is horrific an ankle hanging by a thread that poor woman.” (sic)

Steve tweeted: “Oh my day’s Kirsty’s p***ing ankle. That is the worse thing I’ve seen. #24hoursInAandE.”

“And she said she lost her trainer. No doubt as high as kite. I would have amputated from the neck down to get rid of that. B****y awful. Glad she’s on the mend.” (sic)