Alex Jones admits she's 'broody' again after sharing 'naivety' over fertility issues



Alex Jones confessed to getting broody as Katherine Ryan brought her baby daughter onto The One Show tonight.

The TV presenter, 45, and her husband are now a family of five, having welcomed their third child, a little girl in August 2021, along with their five-year-old Teddy and three-year-old Kit. But they could be adding more to their family if Alex has her way.

Comedian Katherine, 39, was joined on the show by her baby daughter Fenna, who she welcomed in mid-December. Describing her youngest as the "best newborn yet, she quipped: "Very peaceful, doesn't cry. Finally one that respects me."

Katherine Ryan encouraged Alex to have another child
Katherine Ryan encouraged Alex to have another child ( bbc)

As the camera panned to Katherine's husband Bobby Kootstra holding the baby in the Green room, Alex said: "Uh oh, it's making me broody!," as Katherine replied back with excitement: "Have another! Have another!"

It comes after Alex admitted she was "naïve" about becoming a mum at 39.

"I try to never regret – you are where are you, in a sense. I thought, ‘Well, there you are, we’ll try and have a baby and that will be lovely – and then a baby will arrive’. How naïve," she revealed to Closer magazine recently.

Alex admitted she was feeling broody
Alex admitted she was feeling broody ( bbc)

Alex previously explained to The Mirror that she felt she had left it too late to have kids.

She said: "No, it was a complete shock. Every baby I’ve had has always reminded me of that documentary that I made when I didn’t think I could have children. In the back of my mind, and this is a bit of a secret, I always wanted three kids but I thought, 'Oh Alex, don’t be silly – you have left it too late.'

"So Annie was the most fantastic and welcome surprise because so many friends and colleagues have been through the mill. It hasn’t been the most straightforward for us along the way, but we got there in the end."

Katherine's partner was holding the baby in the green room
Katherine's partner was holding the baby in the green room ( bbc)

Alex admits she is a bit of strict parent and pays close attention to her kids' diets.

"I wouldn’t say I am overly so, but I am quite careful about them having a balanced diet. I will let them have chocolate, but it has to be as a treat rather than as a snack," she added, "One of the main times I allow it is when we all sit down to watch a movie together and now Strictly is back, I suspect there will be a fair amount of chocolate consumed!"

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