BBC Hairy Bikers' left gutted as Si King and Dave Myers issue 'sad' update



Hairy Bikers stars Simon 'Si' King and Dave Myers have left fans devastated after issuing an update on their latest show.

The pair have recently starred in their Hairy Bikers Go Local series which aired on BBC.

But after just eight episodes, the duo revealed the "sad" news that the show is already over.

The hairy pair informed fans of the news on social media, writing: "Sadly, the series has come to an end. We hope you enjoyed the series and the journey we went through with each episode, we look forward to seeing you on your telly sometimes soon."

The Hairy Bikers Go Local has come to an end ( BBC/South Shore Productions/Jon Boast)

They added: "Be sure to catch all of the episodes from GO LOCAL on iplayer! All recipes can be found on the @bbcgoodfood website. Love Si and Dave."

Fans rushed to the comments to express their disappointment that the show was wrapped up and to offer some critique, too.

One said: "What a great series guys thoroughly enjoyed it. Learned a few cooking tips. Good luck in the future xx."

Another wrote: "Always enjoy our lovely Hairies!!!!! Still 2 recorded shows to watch, but also love old shows fave was up North, but they can't all be the same.....keep them coming boys!!!!!!"

The Hairy Bikers with Langoustine fishermen ( BBC/South Shore Productions/Jon Boast)

A third penned: "Thank you so much again to Si and Dave for visiting us in St Monans. It will be a day we (Colin, Billy & James) will never forget! Fantastic series and need to get myself some of that Norfolk Goose. Jemima loved watching her gramps and friends on TV."

Another critiqued: "Loved every episode except the one to my local area Northumberland, but maybe that was because the chef was not a local lad and seemed to show no interest in local produce."

A fifth offered: "Loved the series. Just one query, why feed the restaurant owners outside? Several eps the wind was blowing a gale lol. I was thinking that lovely food wld be cold." [sic]

The Hairy Bikers with Jake and Terri at the The Barsham Arms in The Hairy Bikers Go Local ( BBC/South Shore Productions/Jon Boast)

The show update comes just days after Dave Myers admitted that he’s ‘learning to live with cancer’ as he gave a health update to his concerned fans.

The 65-year-old seemed optimistic in a recent interview about his wellbeing following his cancer diagnosis last year.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, the chef gave an update on his health battle, for which he has been undergoing treatment for since April.

He said during the show: "[The treatment] is still ongoing but I'm kinda doing all right, it's like many people, it's something one learns to live with."

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