Blue Bloods sneak peek confirms major transformation for Erin as she admits ‘it’s a lot’



CBS’ long-running procedural drama Blue Bloods follows the personal and professional lives of Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck) and his adult children. As the law-enforcing family continue to take on criminal cases, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) will be seeking approval as she transforms to take her career to new heights.

During the season 12 finale, Erin announced she would be making strides towards becoming a District Attorney, but it’s been nothing short of an uphill battle. 

The current DA Kimberely Crawford (Rosyln Ruff) tried to jeopardise her career by sending Erin on a wild goose chase to investigate an innocent man. 

With little time to prepare for her campaign, it looks as though Erin will finally put her doubts to the side and make the necessary changes to secure the role. 

In an effort to win votes and replace DA Crawford, Erin had also decided to transform her wardrobe. 

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The sneak peeks clip for episode 10 reveals an uncertain Erin seeking approval from an old friend about her new outfit. 

During the video, investigator Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schrippa) entered her office to find her sitting in the chair with her back turned to the door. 

As she peaked over her shoulder, a nervous Erin demanded: “Close the door,” while Anthony asked: “What’s going on?” 

“Image consultant sent a stylist … I don’t know if I can do this,” she responded. 

After some motivation, Erin agreed to take the plunge after her father, NYPD Commissioner Frank, came to blows with the current DA Crawford.

It began after Kimberly was committed to not prosecuting non-violent criminals as it threatened to throw Frank’s role as police commissioner into disarray.

Erin announced her race for DA during the weekly family dinner, where everyone was chuffed for her. 

While fans were also pleased to see a new storyline for the character, showrunner Kevin Wade previously spoke on the real reason he wanted to shake things up for Erin. 

Wade disclosed: “We have played her under four or five DAs, with whom she often clashed over principles as well as over ways and means.

“So, for her character, the choice seemed to be: if you think you can do the job, then ask for it or otherwise, sit back down.

“Time’s come for her to ask for it by announcing she’s running for the office,” he added to Deadline. 

Blue Bloods season 13 continues Fridays on CBS in the US. A UK release date is yet to be announced. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress