Corrie villain Stephen Reid commits second murder - but fans point out huge blunder



Coronation Street villain Stephen Reid murdered Teddy in shocking scenes tonight - but fans noticed his huge error.

The ITV1 soap aired some big scenes tonight, as Stephen committed his second murder since arriving in Weatherfield only a few months ago. He killed Leo when the latter worked out he was after his mother Audrey's money - and hid his body.

He has been keeping that a secret for the last few months, with Leo's dad Teddy getting increasingly suspicious. When he was involved in an accident with a van, a thrilled Stephen thought his secret would be kept that way - but Teddy survived the accident and despite Stephen's best efforts, Teddy soon returned to Weatherfield.

Teddy confronted Stephen over his lies
Teddy confronted Stephen over his lies ( ITV)

Tonight, after remembering something following a conversation with Billy, an angry Teddy headed to see Stephen at the Underworld factory office and confronted him, saying he needed answers from Stephen over what happened to Leo.

"What have you done to my son?" Teddy asked, but Stephen outright denied he had anything to do with Leo, despite having murdered him outside the factory and hiding the body. As part of it, he hatched an elaborate plan.

He pretended Leo had headed to Canada early and had decided he didn't want Jenny to join him. He sent a text from Leo's phone, telling Teddy all was well in Canada - but he soon rumbled that the message was sent from Weatherfield rather than Canada.

He killed him with a hole punch
He killed him with a hole punch ( ITV)

After being confronted by Teddy, Stephen admitted: "I did lie about you seeing him in Canada, because I wanted you to have closure. Everything I said before still stands. He doesn't care about you, he ignored your messages. I was hoping to spare you more heartache.

"No I don't like this anymore, the text I got from him was sent from here. Why would he say he was in Canada if he wasn't, that doesn't make any sense," Teddy said, getting increasingly angry, "So I think someone else sent it - and I think that someone else has to be you."

Now Teddy had worked it all out, he accused Stephen of getting rid of Leo so he could 'get his claws' into Jenny.

Stephen Reid murdered Teddy in shock scenes tonight
Stephen Reid murdered Teddy in shock scenes tonight ( ITV)

As he vowed to prove that Stephen had killed Leo, and said he would be going to the police, a panicked Stephen tried to get him to change his mind before whacking him over the head with a hole punch.

However, some fans have pointed out an issue with the scenes, as they slammed Stephen for making such an obvious mistake.

"oh come on #corrie ffs as if he would have walked into an empty building with the man he thought killed his son. This storyline needs closure now #yawnfest #sendstephenbacktocanada," one wrote, as a second added: "You are suspicious of Stephen and think he may he involved in your son’s disappearance/possible murder. Do you A. Go to the police? B. Follow Stephen into the empty factory?"

A third shared: "U suspect someone of murder and can prove it cos u tracked the phone. Why wouldn’t I go straight to the police? As if Stephen was going to own up #corrie," with a fourth penning on social media: "Why do people tell the murderer that they’re going to report them to the police then turn their backs on them ffs."

*Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday at 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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