Death In Paradise fans fear main character is 'being written out' after spotting clue



Death In Paradise fans are worried one of the show's iconic characters is being written out after spotting a 'clue'.

The BBC show returned for a new series tonight, as the team in Saint Marie were tasked with discovering what really happened to an astronomer who was found dead at the bottom of a clifftop. Ralf Little was back as DI Neville Parker alongside Don Warrington as the Commissioner, who has been in the series since the start.

Elizabeth Bourgine also returned as Catherine Bordey whilst Tahj Miles, Officer Marlon Pryce, Shantol Jackson, who plays Sergeant Naomi Thomas, and Ginny Holder, who stars as Darlene, complete the main line up.

Death In Paradise's Commissioner Selwyn Patterson and DI Neville Parker
Death In Paradise's Commissioner Selwyn Patterson and DI Neville Parker ( BBC/Red Planet/Denis Guyenon)

After some scenes during tonight's show, fans of the BBC detective drama have been growing concerned that it might be the beginning of the end for one of the main characters and took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

The Commissioner – played by Don Warrington – barely appeared in the show tonight, struggling with the revelation last series that he had a daughter. Some fans are now concerned this is the start of an exit storyline for the character.

"I wonder this is the start of writing Don Warrington out? #DeathInParadise," one suggested.

Don and Elizabeth have been on the show the longest
Don and Elizabeth have been on the show the longest ( BBC / Red Panet Pictures / Denis Guyenon)

Another fan replied: "No no no @deathinparadise can never lose The Commissioner. We won't be happy. Selwyn is #DeathInParadise."

"Ah that's the connection for the commissioner this week, mystery child leading him to look for her. #deathinparadise," a third said as they appeared to hint at a possible future storyline on the BBC One show.

At the end of the episode, as the group enjoyed a few drinks at Catherine's bar after cracking the case, The Commissioner came to speak to Neville, telling him: "I know you've been trying to get hold of me for a few days. I've had some personal stuff to deal with."

The cast of series 12
The cast of series 12 ( BBC / Red Planet Pictures / Denis Guyenon)

Catherine has been a big support for The Commissioner after he found out the shock news and asked him what he might want to do going forward, whether he'd like to contact his daughter or how he felt about it all.

"Catherine, I've written to tell her I need more time to think. I hope, if nothing else, she understands me being honest," he said, with his decision about the future still clearly up in the air and likely to continue throughout the series.

But how will this affect The Commissioner's job and his time on the island?

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