Death in Paradise fans ‘work out’ Neville Parker’s death as history repeats itself



Alice shared: “I am not emotionally prepared to go through another Richard.”

Debbie Blackman added: “@RalfLittle @deathinparadise I was worried Neville was leaving with Sophie now I’m worried he’s not going to survive #DeathInParadise.” (sic)

“IF HE HURTS NEVILLE I WILL SCREAM AND NEVER STOP @deathinparadise #deathinparadise #nevilleparker,” @bymbeth13 pleaded.

Angela McVey went on to say: “At the start me ‘Oh no don’t you dare leave Neville’ At the end ‘He’s going to kill Neville, nooooo’ #DeathInParadise.” (sic)

Melody penned: “No no no, I had a feeling about this and now it makes me very anxious. Please do not kill Neville, he’s been amazing I’m scared.” (sic)

While Daniel commented: “If Neville gets killed off, I will be crying for the rest of the year.”

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